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Talking about signs leads to the universe of possibilities, which are so variable that sometimes we can even contradict themselves. But isn't that what life sometimes brings us? In the Zodiac, the so-called Wheel of Animals, the so-called Circle of Life , has as its composition these 12 signs, which make up 360º of the celestial sphere, and is divided into 30º slices, which is equal to 2 hours of time, which equals the Earth's rotation in 24 hours. Everything in this sector is spoken of as a horoscope, the clock of time. As we enter this circle, the journey starts with compatibilities and incompatibilities and why? How can we see which sign mirrors us most? And which causes the most tension, and affinity? I will try to give a summary with a technical foundation, in simple language, to be understood by the reader.

It all starts at the Spring Equinox , with the sign of Aries , where the so-called vernal point 0 gives the starting point. Sign known for its drive, pioneering spirit, challenges, but also one that is very attached to the center of attention of its SELF . With the rulership of the planet Mars makes you feel with the energy to cut what you need, remaining as a leader. In its opposite, balance gains strength, Libra , the one that shows you sharing, leadership manifested in values structured in the other and not just in your SELF.

Capricorn , and Cancer , provoke some tension, challenging the structured emotions in following the direction of life, when Carneiro looks for everything in a fleeting way.

Gemini is the one who manages to get a better understanding , due to the rational ability to direct the  actions of Aries, as well as Sagittarius, and with challenging ideas and philosophies.

Following the order of the signs, Taurus , with its Earth element and the Sun's rays, wants to shine in its resources in everything that leads to its valorization, were it not for the planet Venus, indicating its capacity to love and be loved. But your possessiveness can sabotage you. A further deepening of your values is requested by the sign of balance, its opposite Scorpio , which takes you on a journey into the depths of your intimacy.

Those who provoke their identity and can generate some tension are the signs of Leo and Aquarius , challenging the clarity of personal and social values. Finding greater fluidity in the relationship with Cancer and Capricorn , which allows for greater support both at an emotional level and at the level of career structures, vocation, work and direction in life.


At the end of the Spring season, under Mercury, we find the sign of communication, of the written and spoken word, Gemini . The one who wants to be the eternal child. Where in his world of the imaginary mind, he finds his opposite Sagittarius , which forces him to bring to the lower mind the knowledge, wisdom, philosophy, to sustain the word that so thirsts to be transmitted. The greatest tension is with the signs of Virgo and Pisces , where the obligation to look at the details, the practice of life, can bring conflict and where Pisces leads to a greater sacrifice in the search for treasures yet to be explored by a Gemini mind. Greater affinity they find with Aries and Leo , fueling their enthusiasm.

Opening the summer season, Caranguejo takes its place, with the regency of the Moon, with its active sense in the realization of its home, its intimacy, its roots, everything that protects yours, where Capricorn challenges you to direct your life on the side of status, of what becomes the direction of life, thus providing balance, The greatest tension will be found in Carneiro e Libra , both challenging to greater sociability, on the one hand the affirmation of the Self, on the other, sociability . Virgo, Pisces, Taurus and Scorpio, harmonize the Crab, allowing a greater affinity and depth in their self-worth in the practice of their routines.

The vitality, energy and manifestation of its creation is found in Leo , where the planet, the Sun, gives it the stage of life, finding in its opposite, Aquarius the balance of its identity in groups, allowing it to leave its self-centeredness. The greatest tension is found in Scorpio and Taurus , where the need to direct the affective life can bring less attention to these two signs, forcing Leos to go deeper in their intentions. You will find greater affinity in Gemini and Libra , due to the ability to have fun and socialize in your identity.

When we close the station, we find the sign of Virgo , with Mercury as the ruler, where his priority passes through the practice of life, where they can get lost in the details and excessive criticism. The Pisces will take you on a journey into the depths of the ocean, so that you can relax and discover your potential, freeing yourself from the rigidity of obligations. Greater affinity they find with Scorpio and Cancer , leading to a more heartfelt sharing of emotions and accepting the servile side of Virgo. Tension can be found with Sagittarius and Gemini , where communicating and sharing adventures can create instability.

Starting the autumn season, we have the sign of Libra , justice, sharing everything that leads to appreciation and beauty, conferred by the planet Venus, in a social direction, where they can be lost, emerging here the balance with the Sheep that brings the You balance the rescue of your individuality, something that is sometimes difficult. The greatest tension is found in Capricorn and Cancer , which requires a greater dedication to roots and career direction. And greater affinity in the sign of Sagittarius and Gemini , being understood and motivated to fulfill one's life, either through adventure or through dialogues of intellectual nourishment.

Scorpio takes us to the depths of life, with the action of Mars and Pluto, allowing for profound regeneration. Sign of sensuality finds in its balance Taurus , which complements it in its appreciation and love. Tension is found in the Aquarius and the Leo , forcing a more altruistic identity and a search for their identity. The complicity of actions is found with the signs of Capricorn and Cancer where the manifestation of their intensity meets empathy.

And we walk towards the ninth sign, Sagittarius , the arrow that points upward, with the rulership of Jupiter, the superior mind that feeds on philosophies, adventures and the discovery of new places, opening up its horizons. The balance is found with Gemini , where the lower mind drives Sagittarians to be more objective, more practical, not staying in their library of knowledge. The greatest tensions are with Pisces and Virgo , where the adventure gets stuck in the details of analysis and an unconditional dive into the collective.

We open the Capricorn season, with Saturn's rulership, indicating the north, the direction in life, linked to work, finding in the Cancer a balance of the relationship with emotions and the time to dedicate to the family. Aries and Libra are the signs that provide the greatest tension, making it difficult to deal with social activity and impulsive action, because time is one of the key words. The best affinity is found with the signs of Pisces and Scorpio , where the deep emotional nature allows for synergy.

Continuing in the circle of life, we go to the eleventh sign, Aquarius , where the rulership of Uranus and the coregency of Saturn give it the ability to relate to groups, friends and hope is one of the actions, where individuality is sometimes requested by its opposite Leo , so that they don't get lost in the group and find their self-expression. Greater affinity and complicity find with Sagittarius and Aries where the search for new adventures and proactive action complement each other. Greater tension found with the signs of Taurus and Scorpio , where he finds it difficult to express internal values and love.

We close the circle of life in the sign of Pisces , where Neptune and Jupiter mark the rulers, we dive into the ocean of possibilities, where treasures and traps lead to dreams or emotional prison, where wounds can lead to victimization, or healing in a process of lifting. Balance is found in its opposite, where Virgo forces them to live the reality of their discoveries, directing them to the practice of life, putting them at service. Where they find greater tension is with the signs of Gemini and Sagittarius , where the constant search for the reason for actions can create wear. Greater affinity with the signs of Taurus and Capricorn, leading to a greater structure of values.

"When everything is born in the perfect harmony of nature, the Ying and the Yang, united.  On its first breath the child separates from the mother. Where for a few minutes it makes it possible to remain UNO. Afterwards, in brief moments, we will experience separation, and we will stay with it, until we return to unification!" Isabel Guimarães

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