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Sun in Aries

A child born with the Sun in the sign of Aries will tend to be fearless, restless, and very active. Their answers are quick, frank and direct and, at times, they may not consider the feelings of those around them. Its ruling planet is Mars, which gives it a lot of energy, aggressiveness and a taste for competition. You have a natural predisposition for leadership, often becoming the dynamizer of your group of friends because you have the ability to motivate everyone around you to take action. His marked impulsiveness, accompanied by the great need to express his identity, may make it difficult to accept “orders” and limits. From an early age, she seeks independence, exploring the world around her without fear. We also highlight a possible lack of patience which, accompanied by the constant desire to start something new, may make it difficult to concentrate and complete tasks.


Some guidelines

»  Help her to consider the feelings of others by performing role-playing simulations;

»  Practice sports that allow you to spend your immense energy;

»  Show him that rules are important using games as an example;

»  Exercises that help develop the ability to concentrate gradually increasing your durability.

Touro FacesIsabelGuimaraes

Sun in Taurus

The Taurus child is persistent, patient and calm. Markedly sensory appreciates physical displays of affection. It values the palate and tends to love to eat. Governed by the planet Venus, it is naturally kind and firmly defends its values. You are attracted by quiet music, by the beautiful and comfortable. The environment where you feel more balanced is aesthetically harmonious and capable of satisfying the needs of all your senses. Practical and concrete takes your tasks to the end. It may take a while to achieve them, but with its firm and resistant nature, it will not rest until it reaches the goal it set itself. Her natural rejection of change makes her appreciate a routine where she finds the calm and stability she so desperately needs for her general well-being. As it is markedly materialist and linked to the physical world, it may demonstrate some possessiveness not only in relation to its space and objects, but also to the people with whom it relates.  


Some guidelines

»  Be aware of possible dietary excesses and given your natural tendency to sedentary lifestyle, start sports activities from an early age;

»  Changes in home, school, routines, etc., should be introduced as gradually as possible, to facilitate acceptance;

»  If you show resistance to your guidelines, avoid putting pressure on them and show them in a practical way the need to follow them;

»  Avoid accelerating it in carrying out tasks, respecting the calm with which you perform them.

Gémeos FacesIsabelGuimaraes

Sun in Gemini

The sun child in Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury, which gives him a marked capacity for communication, intellectuality and curiosity. Your intellect is predominantly logical and rational. Tendentially agitated, nervous and fickle, you can change your mind relatively easily. Appreciates change and adapts to new people and environments without difficulty. In fact, this child needs novelty and variety in his day-to-day, whether from friends, toys, places, food, etc. Mentally quick and agile, she is able to do several things at once and loves games that stimulate her intellect. Her appetite for communication is visible in her taste for sharing her ideas and thoughts with everyone around her. They like to talk but may find it difficult to hear. This constant need of yours to communicate can translate into a certain embarrassment in being alone. It has a remarkable sense of humor and an infectious joy.   


Some guidelines

»  Help him to take the tasks to the end, avoiding external stimuli during its completion;

»  Encourage reading as it is an excellent way to nourish your thirsty intellect;

»  If you resist any guidance from you, explain why it is rational and logical;

»  Teach him the need to listen to others and that exchanging ideas is much more stimulating than just expressing his thoughts.

Caranguejo FacesIsabelGuimaraes

Sun in Cancer

The child with the Sun sign Cancer is sensitive, affectionate and sweet. Ruled by the moon, it is extremely permeable to the surrounding environment, easily absorbing the feelings and emotions of others. This permeability, linked to their deep sensitivity, may translate into frequent mood swings that may seem unfounded and unreasonable. Tendentially shy and reserved, she only exposes herself when she feels that the environment is safe and protective. If you feel threatened, you tend to take refuge in your emotional world. They tend to emotionally connect to people, objects, places, hindering the change processes that make them feel insecure and uprooted. You are generous, dreamy, romantic and concerned about those around you. It denotes an excellent memory and a strong connection to the past, as well as knowledge and appreciation of its origins. He is a child who seeks to integrate all his friends in the games, and may seek to assume a protective role in the scenarios created for his games.   


Some guidelines

»  Educate him on the basis of autonomy, as he may have a tendency to create some emotional dependency;

»  Given your penchant for protecting others, it may be beneficial to have a pet you can care for;

»  In moments of greater emotional turmoil, make contact with the water easier, which will have a calming and calming effect.

Leão FacesIsabelGuimaraes

Sun in Leo

The child born with the Sun positioned in the sign of Leo is generous, honest and conceited. Ruled by the Sun, it denotes an optimism and a personal glow that does not go unnoticed. A natural leader often becomes the “head star” of your group of friends. He has a great need for self-expression that is often put into practice through his marked artistic creativity. Possessing the innate ability to attract others, she is playful and cheerful, loves to have fun and is able to liven up all the places she frequents. She likes to receive compliments and needs to captivate and feel loved and appreciated by those around her. Your high self-esteem may translate into a certain self-centeredness and arrogance. Naturally kind, it denotes a great capacity for forgiveness. Very proud, she hardly refuses a challenge that she will try to win with strength, assertiveness and pride.    


Some guidelines

»  Help him to develop humility from an early age, reinforcing that everyone has an important and valid role, whether in the family, in society, in a group, in a project, etc.;

»  Insert him in a group, for example, of dramatic expression in order to externalize and develop his artistic and creative abilities;

»  Avoid satisfying all your wishes and whims.

Virgem FacesIsabelGuimaraes

Sun in Virgo

The child with the sun in Virgo is helpful, shy and reserved. As Mercury is its ruling planet, it denotes a good memory, a great power of concentration and a marked intellectuality. This child is extremely rational and values logic and detail. Too much self-criticism sets high standards for yourself and those around you that are hard to achieve. He seeks perfection in everything he does, and may even refuse to perform a task he feels he cannot accomplish. She is modest and may have some difficulty accepting compliments as she tends not to consider herself worthy of them. Extremely observant, values detail and is extremely thorough, meticulous and analytical. He tries to feel useful and likes to serve and help others. Given your natural insecurity, you need to feel encouraged, motivated and secure. He has a natural taste for practical and routine activities that allow him to improve his skills.  


Some guidelines

»  Help her build her self-confidence by giving her responsibilities that make her feel useful;

»  Avoid criticizing her;

»  Help her not to demand too much of herself;

»  Try to respect the way the child organizes their space.

Balança FacesIsabelGuimaraes

Sun in Libra

The child who was born with the Sun in Libra is generous, friendly and idealistic. Very sociable, prefers to be accompanied and likes to please others. Its ruling planet is Venus, which gives it a taste for everything beautiful and harmonious. The environments where you feel best are peaceful, beautiful and peaceful. It denotes a natural sensitivity to all that is art, being itself extremely creative and artistic. You are affectionate and need to feel your feelings and displays of affection reciprocated. You may have some difficulty being alone because, above all, you like to be surrounded by people and interact with them all the time. Possessing an innate sense of justice, this child is liberal and tolerant and does not compromise his principles or compromise his personal values. As he has the ability to see different points of view, he has some difficulty in making decisions. Tends to run away from situations of conflict and misunderstanding.  


Some guidelines

»  Encourage your natural artistic skills through activities such as dancing, music, painting, etc.;

»  Help her to value her needs/wants that tend to be diluted with those of others;

»  Avoid imposing yourself harshly as you will respond better to diplomacy and cordiality.

Escorpião FacesIsabelGuimaraes

Sun in Scorpio

The child born with the sun in the sign of Scorpio is determined, mysterious and intense. Governed by the planets Mars and Pluto, it has an innate capacity for regeneration and transformation, leaving the most difficult times stronger and more resilient. It denotes a great need for a privacy zone, where he tries to decipher his intense emotions and regenerate from his “wounds”. Reserved and endowed with great sensitivity, has a tendency to possessiveness. With sharp intelligence and high intuitive perception, he has the ability to feel when something is being hidden from him. Your feelings and emotions run deep and it is important that you learn not to suppress them as this will cause hurt feelings. It has a temperamental disposition and can be offended with some ease. Given her high emotional dependency and insecurity, she is terrified of losing those she loves, trying to control them to ensure they stay close to her. His extreme sensitivity makes him try to hide what he feels.  


Some guidelines

»  Help her to face the challenge of recognizing, valuing, and examining her emotions more objectively;

»  Give him the space and time he needs to organize his emotions and heal his “wounds”;

»  Help her to find strategies to deal with her intense feelings, for example, by practicing a sport with great physical strain.

Sagitário FacesIsabelGuimaraes

Sun in Sagittarius

The Sagittarius Sun sign child is idealistic, naive and honest. Ruled by the planet Jupiter, it has high ideals and that always go beyond the limit, because nothing is more important than fulfilling your idealistic desires and ambitions. With an optimistic, extroverted and expansionist nature, she is a natural explorer, needing to taste everything that life has to offer, since her ultimate goal is to understand it deeply. It denotes high physical, mental and emotional energy. You have an urge to live, feel and develop your freedom. The notion that anything is possible can be, on the one hand, stimulating and a growth factor, on the other, it can lead to excesses. It has an immense creativity, being able to constantly have new ideas for projects that will soon seek to put into practice. You may show some impatience in getting results and some inability to digest when things don't go as you wish.   


Some guidelines

»  Help her to develop the ability to persist to accomplish the outlined tasks;

»  Make her aware of the need to pay attention to the natural limits of her body, which must be respected when performing any physical practice;

»  Help her to learn to see and accept reality and its conditions, through group/family activities, where well-defined rules are established that everyone must respect.

Capricórnio FacesIsabelGuimaraes

Sun in Capricorn

The child whose sun is in the sign Capricorn is persistent, determined and patient. Its ruling plant is Saturn, which gives it a sense of duty, seriousness and responsibility. Self-disciplined, she accepts without resistance the impositions of authority figures. Naturally mature, it carries out its objectives in a structured, organized and firm way. It may denote a certain pessimism arising from the realistic and serious way in which you see the world around you. Ambitious, she has a strong need to see her achievements recognized. From an early age, he has shown a high capacity for administration, which can be proven by the management of his small allowance. Very attached to the material side of life, tends to the accumulation of goods. Their willingness to learn is directed towards all the knowledge that can be useful to them and capable of putting their goals into practice.   


Some guidelines

»  Encourage her to play and have fun;

»  Define the rules in a structured way;

»  Recognize the goals achieved.

Aquário FacesIsabelGuimaraes

sun in aquarium

The child born with the Sun positioned in the sign of Aquarius is objective, logical and mental. Governed by the planet Uranus, it is unpredictable, original and holds high humanitarian ideals. You tend to make many friends, especially those who have an original attitude, defending and celebrating this difference in your group. Possessing a powerful intellect, it denotes a marked creativity and inventiveness. More rational than emotional, you can appear a little distant and cold, and even avoid creating emotional bonds if you feel that your personal freedom is being called into question. She shows a real interest in others and feels motivated from an early age to fight for social and humanitarian causes. Given his great need for freedom, he has some difficulty in accepting any kind of limitation or restriction. The approval of others is not at all important to your well-being, and even social conventions are indifferent to you.   


Some guidelines

»  Try to encourage and nurture the friendships she establishes spontaneously and very quickly;

»  Give her the space she needs to develop her unusual personality;

»  Include her in the decision-making process that she will respect and follow the decisions that are made.

Peixes FacesIsabelGuimaraes

Sun in Pisces

The child who is born with the sun set in the sign of Pisces is sensitive, affectionate and kind. As its ruler Neptune, it is markedly dreamy, intuitive and empathetic. He naturally perceives the suffering of others and tries to help them whenever possible. Enjoys calm and peaceful environments and melodic sound stimuli. Your mood is directly influenced by the environment in which you live, be it family, school or a group of friends. He may show the need to have moments of recollection during which he will be giving free rein to his fertile imagination, and which must be respected. His compassionate nature can take away the initiative to start projects, allied to some insecurity felt in his abilities, which comes from an extremely sensitive nature and susceptible to the evaluation of others. He likes to embody different characters and realities, as a way of giving body to his imagination and creativity.   


Some guidelines

»  Help her to relativize her approach and perception of the world, acquiring the ability to distance herself and act objectively;

»  Provide visual supports that help her to memorize and not lose focus on the essentials;

»  Encourage the connection between your fantasy world, essential for your vital energy, and the real world:

»  Help her to continue what she starts, initially outlining small goals to achieve, and gradually expanding to longer-term goals.

As the educational process is a challenge, Astrology can play a helping role in helping parents to understand their children more deeply. Thus, by studying the child's birth chart, we can access precious information about their natural strengths and weaknesses, allowing for parental action aimed at fostering their talents and establishing strategies that help them overcome the challenges arising from their development.


One of the important placements on the map is the placement of the Sun. According to the date of birth we can find it placed in one of the 12 signs of the zodiac – Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Crab, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn , Aquarius or Pisces.  


According to its positioning, the Sun reveals to us a lot of the child's potential, such as the image they have of themselves, their form of self-expression and the people/objects/places they identify with. In addition to lifting the veil of identity of the little being for us, it also shows how the child deals with authority figures and what their potential weaknesses are .

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