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The term planet means "wandering". Astronomically, planets are celestial bodies that revolve around the Sun reflecting its light. Together they form the Solar System. Can be divided into:

interiors  (between Earth and Sun): Mercury and Venus;

outdoors  (beyond Earth): Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.


The study of their planetary positions, whether at birth (natal map) or throughout a person's life (transits and progressions), constitutes the basis of astrological research. Considering their orbital speeds, the planets show the following cycle times making their way around the zodiacal band:

Sun  |  365 days
   |   about 28 days

Mercury   |   88 days

Venus   |   243 days (While most planets rotate on themselves in the same direction, Venus is one of the exceptions. Like Uranus and Pluto, its rotation is retrograde, which means that on Venus the Sun rises in the east and sets. if west.)

Mars   |   23 months

Jupiter   |   about 12 years

Saturn   |   from 28 to 30 years old

Uranus   |   about 84 years old

Neptune   |   about 165 years

Pluto   |   about 248 years

Karl Kuhr says that in each of us there is a series of forces at work that correspond to cosmic forces. So we shouldn't imagine any planet in the sky as being directly responsible for what happens to us.

Rather, it is the force within us that harmonizes with the planet and makes things happen. We must not think that Mars, up there, makes us aggressive. It is our corresponding strength that causes us, at times, to generate conflicts with others.

Therefore, the planets represent certain psychic factors (Mercury for reason, Venus for valorization, Mars for action, etc.), which are the shapers of the patterns that we try to release abroad by "thinking", "valuing" and "acting », through a multitude of different forms.

However, because each person works within a certain social, political, educational, religious, etc. context, it is not possible to know, through the natal chart, at what level these patterns will manifest themselves.


In fact, a "strong" natal chart can be that of Napoleon, who tried to tyrannize nineteenth-century Europe, or that of a chief who tyrannizes his subordinates. Although the energies of the planets do not induce fixed traits, they preserve the qualities in all circumstances, and the form (not the level) in which the vibrations are expressed is determined by the sign in which they are found.










Within the planets, we need to know their movements, here I highlight:

Direct Planet: It concerns the direction of movement of the planets, as opposed to retrograde or counterclockwise. Your energy flows.

Retrograde Planet: Planets move in space with varying speeds and the duration of their orbit is longer the farther they are from the Sun.  Due to this fact, when observed from Earth, the planets give the sensation that, cyclically and for a certain period, they start to slow down, stop and reverse the direction of their movement. They slow down the flow of your energy.

Sol FacesIsabelGuimaraes

The Sun: Source of Life

The Sun glyph consists of the circle with the dot at its center.

»  The solar disk shows the outpouring of Life force (the circle) through the opening of the point. Thus, the potential creative energy of the Absolute emerges into manifestation. The point also represents the creative spark of Divine Consciousness, existing within each one of us, uniting Man to the Source of Light and making him a co-creator, on the Universal Plan.


»  The Sun is 99.9% of the mass of the Solar System. The life that exists on planet Earth is the life that inhabits the Sun. All atoms of our Being “vibrate” in the frequency of our Sun sign.


»  Its importance in the astrological chart is fundamental, it shows us the nature and qualities of energy that we are constituted. Our inner light shines through the Sun: Solarity, vitality, the capacity for individual affirmation, allows us to solar life itself. When we are asked: - What is your sign? We responded promptly: - I am Gemini, Leo, or Virgo! And everything that represents such a statement. The Sun sign describes, by its generic composition, the way of being of each one, which gives the color, tone, light and energy for the manifestation of all your life.


»  Your Individuality is the essence of your being. However, most people are not in true contact with their Source, having only a perception of transitory thoughts and emotions. Since they do not link such thoughts and emotions to a greater whole, they lead a life of separate moments. A person in tune with their inner Self – that is, what is symbolized by the Sun – is not fooled by a fleeting image or a passing sensation.


»  The Sun is also the focal point for the integration and coordination of the many facets of the individual's being. In the natal horoscope, an ill-positioned or weak Sun, due to House position or aspect, usually results in chronic illnesses and a general lack of vitality, as well as a general imbalance in the individual's life.


»  The Sun is a person's Will to Be and, in this way, the generator of all life energy. The channeling of their potential allows a person to express the true Self in the outer world and draw unlimited strength from that inexhaustible Source. The purposes to which this force flows are a vital determining factor in one's destiny. For a human, the Sun is like the nucleus for the atom. Even though thoughts, emotions, and physical functions are separate aspects of your total being, each of us draws energy from the center (Sun) in order to fulfill our particular purpose in life. This center corresponds to the heart, in the physical body. The Sun is also associated with the circulatory system, spinal cord and growth in general.

The Sun is also the ruler of the sign Leo and of all matters in House V. He is related to numerous positions of authority, such as magistrates, princes, religious and spiritual leaders. On the female chart, the Sun represents the men in a woman's life, the husband in particular. In the two-sex chart, the Sun is often related to the father or father image. The Sun is the active, creative masculine factor in anyone's natal chart; it is the "spark of life".


Orb: 15th

Average speed: 0º59'

Zodiacal cycle: 365 days

Day of the week: Sunday

Lua FacesIsabelGuimaraes

The Moon: Sustaining Life

While the Sun represents the infinite creative energy available to an individual, the Moon's function is to shape that energy and make the potential a reality. The Moon symbol is crescent Q – the union of the two halves of the circle, which is now broken. One semicircle represents Divine Consciousness, the other human consciousness. The joining of these two forces gives rise to personality.


»  The Moon is the closest star to Earth, the last instance for the arrival of all cosmic waves and energies to our most intimate and personal world. It is a filter through which feelings and emotions, our receptivity, the basic and personal way of feeling and reacting affectively pass.


»  It is our sense of belonging to a nucleus, nest, family, capacity for attachment. The primordial relationship between the child and the mother. Affective memories, memories of the soul. It regulates all the unconscious rhythms of our metabolism, influencing our moods, our ability to adapt and change, as well as our mobility and versatility and emotional stability. It evokes the imagination and different states of the soul.


»  Just as the Moon goes through many phases when viewed from Earth, in our daily life we also go through numerous phases in terms of relationships with external, stimulus-dependent circumstances of life. For example, we react in one way to our parents, in another way to a loved one, in a third way to an enemy, etc.


»  In short, each of us has a multitude of means for self-expression. All too often, the changes we undergo are instinctual or socially conditioned.


»  It is through the personality that Man achieves flexibility, but it is also necessary, when being evolved, to be able to use the personality as a tool of essence (solar force), instead of identifying such compromising phases as the source of the Self. Important meaning of lunar influence, the Moon represents domestic life and family relationships. She personifies the mother and, in a man's natal chart, has a lot to do with women in general and his wife in particular.


»  The Moon also indicates identification with the public, in addition to expressing the degree of connection with ethnic origins and traditions.


»  The relative strength or weakness of the Moon in the natal chart has a direct bearing on the nature of imagination, sympathies, and a sense of self-preservation. In the physical body, the Moon governs the breasts, the sympathetic nervous system and the flow of organic secretions; it is closely associated with CYCLES and female reproductive organs.


The Moon rules the sign Cancer and all matters pertaining to House IV. It is related to all activities related to land, food and children, having an intimate connection with the ocean, its flora and fauna.


Orb: 12th

Average speed: 13º11'

Zodiacal cycle: 27.5 days

Day of the week: Monday

 Mercúrio FacesIsabelGuimaraes

Mercury: Life Communicator

The symbol of Mercury represents the force of active intelligence. The circle symbolizes the energy source that gives life to the mind.


»  The mind receives impulses from two directions, indicated by the cross below and the semicircle above. The first indicates earthly activities and the relationship of the rational mind to its environment. The crescent symbolizes the high aspects of the mind: Man's link to the truly original and inspirational. In this sense, we can see how Mercurian individuals are classified into two broad categories: the imitator and the genius.


»  Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun. The first one that receives its light, information and energy and transmits it to others, establishing synapses, relationships, communication, both in the practical and in the intellectual sense.


»  It is the symbol of the intellect. It represents the word, speech and writing, information organization, ordering, processes and methodologies, discernment and the learning process: intelligence.


»  The rational mind is that special gift of Humanity that distinguishes it from the animal kingdom. Mercury's function is to allow Man to isolate his purely instinctual nature through the logical process of reasoning. In addition, Mercury's position on the map indicates a person's general aptitude for communicating ideas, through the written or spoken word.


»  Mercury is unpaired, because it is dual in itself; in male signs their analytical nature predominates. In females, the ability to synthesize is the most intense acting force. So its natural rulership is over the masculine Gemini (the idea) and the feminine Virgo (the form the idea takes).


»  Mercury gives Man the need to know. It prompts you to question and makes you probe the outside world of appearances. If Mercury becomes too influential a force, however, a trend emerges preventing the higher aspects of a person's being (the institutional and psychic centers) from invading perception.


»  In the physical body, Mercury is closely associated with the nervous system, the respiratory system and, in particular, the lungs.


Mercury is ruler of Gemini and Virgo, as well as of all matters pertaining to Houses III  and VI. It is related to activities related to educational fields, travel, writing, bureaucratic work and all types of agents and agencies.

As "Messenger of the (Planetary) Gods", Mercury is integrally linked to the transmission of impulses from all aspects of Being to the conscious mind.


Orb: 7th

Average speed: 0º59'

Zodiacal cycle: 88 days

Day of the week: Wednesday

Vênus FacesIsabelGuimaraes

Venus: The Beauty of Life

The glyph of Venus is the cross topped by the circle.


»  This combination of elements indicates that the Spirit is the inspiring material for ever more perfect forms of expression. It also represents the predominance of higher aspirations over sensual desires and earthly materials. This can be called personal magnetism. Venus tries to "smooth the edges" so that life experiences are made more beautiful. Venus is that aspect of the person that can be classified as an artist, romantic, poet.


»  Its vibrations work entirely through feelings; in this sense, Venus is the embodiment of love, feelings and the desire for union. Venus is the first planet, in the direction from Earth to Sun.


»  It is related to what we select and internalize, we take to the intimate, to intimacy. It concerns our choices and skill in partner selection and preferences. The appreciation and appreciation of material and immaterial things: the beautiful, our sense of harmony and beauty, symmetry, the sense of aesthetics, ethics in social relationships, which correspond to the perfection and elegance of its perfect cycles with the Sun, which they draw a five-pointed star in the sky that governs the cycle of life, pleasure in relationships, sexual attraction, magnetism, eroticism, love.


»  Thus, a badly placed Venus on the natal chart can give rise to difficulties in love and money. Often, a controversial position on this planet demonstrates the individual's need to learn the true meaning of giving and sharing. The vibrations of Venus manifest in their greatest purity when in the sign of Pisces. It is then that selfishness is transmuted into generosity and personal love becomes universal love.


»  In the physical body, Venus governs the venous system, kidneys and urinary tract and is associated with physical beauty in general.


Venus is ruler of Taurus and Libra, as well as of all pertinent questions of Houses II   and VII. It relates to all occupations related to the arts and music, as well as areas associated with beauty, jewelry and fashion design. In addition, its taurine rulership puts the planet in intimate contact with plants and activities linked to nature.


Orb: 7th

Average speed: 0º59'

Zodiacal cycle: 243 days

Day of the week: Friday

Marte FacesIsabelGuimaraes

Mars: Projector of Life

THE  glyph for Mars represents the polarity of the symbol for Venus.


»  The oldest symbol reveals the cross of matter placed over the circle of Spirit, showing the tendency of the desires of the flesh to dominate higher aspirations. Thus, the individual's needs become more important than Humanity's.


»  In its superior aspect, however, Mars represents the emergence of new forms of self-expression, resulting from the interaction between Spirit and matter. If applied wisely, such forms can be inspiring, pointing the way to inner progress. Often, the influence of Mars on the chart in general indicates a desire to command and exert some form of power over others. In this sense, the vibrations of the Red Planet can be summarized as the active force of the ego, expressing itself in the immediate environment.


»  Mars is the first planet that externalizes itself in the direction Sun – Earth – outer space, and makes the orbit (the round) around the Earth and the Sun. It represents the warrior's strength of exteriorization and conquest, our aggressiveness, and skill to impose, defend and assert ourselves in the world. It's like a vector – energy applied in a focal direction. It is our courage to make cuts, breaks, to make the decision - the readiness for action. The spontaneous drive and ability to make revenge at will. The male strength of libido.


»  Mars is the sex drive, the urge to single out, as opposed to unification with another or with some greater cause. Mars is the need to rise above the crowd and make an impression on one's surroundings. Venus is the pacifist, Mars the warmonger.


»  When these two bodies come together harmoniously on the map, the result is a balance of forces that, if well channeled, result in an intimate perception of when to be cooperative and when to be aggressive.


»  In general, people need a relatively strong (but not overwhelming) Mars on their maps; it gives the courage and vitality needed to withstand the pressures of life.


»  Mars is the impetus to win and succeed. It grants the native an aptitude to fight for what he wants and, when placed especially well on the natal chart, an ease for one to tread through the mess and "bureaucracy" of life.


»  In its lower aspect, Mars represents what is animal in Man – basic emotional urges and instinctual aggression. In its higher aspect, it is the part of the Self with the function of generating new forms of creativity, through the destruction of what is no longer useful.


»  In the physical body, Mars governs the red blood cells, the external male reproductive organs, the nose, muscle tissues, and the excretory apparatus.


Mars is the predominant ruler of Aries and co-ruler of Scorpio. It also has a lot to do with the issues of House VIII and especially House I. It relates to all occupations related to warfare and the use of weapons and sharp tools, as well as some forms of research and surgery.


Orb: 8th

Average speed: 0º31'

Zodiacal cycle: 23 months

Day of the week: Tuesday

Júpiter FacesIsabelGuimaraes

Jupiter: the Wisdom of Life

THE  glyph of the giant planet is composed of the semicircle of the Moon (=soul) rising above the cross of matter. Jupiter represents the stage in Man's development when the soul triumphed over its experiences on Earth (the cross), having obtained, through these experiences, the wisdom that confers the perception of Universal Law, applied to terrestrial life.


»  Through the rays of Jupiter, Man frees himself from restrictive and personal opinions, so that he can act impartially, thanks to his understanding of the Truth.


»  Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system. The search for meaning and a higher purpose/purpose for our life. The philosophical vision built by the experience of “great travels”, the desire to go beyond borders and new horizons, the exploratory spirit of the future and the desire to expand the mind. Optimism, faith, definitive trust, religiosity, protection, grace, hope, a sense of justice. Zeus in the Mythological Version.


»  The Zeus-Jupiter rays manifest through the mind of Man and help to create the desire for expansion of the Self on two levels. As Man is basically dualistic, that is, composed of an “animal self” that binds him to the Earth and an active “Spiritual self” that inspires him towards “the heavens”, the rays of Jupiter also act dually. Therefore, they can contribute to one's desire to explore the realms of the five senses and/or bestow on one the mind of a philosopher. They may encourage uncontrolled sensual activity or produce the teacher who seeks to expand the faculties of understanding so that the Great Plan may be understood and taught to others.


»  In addition to its ability to develop higher mental attributes such as Venus, Jupiter is a planet of good luck in general. If well placed on the map, it can give great material abundance. If misplaced, it can produce a wildly self-indulgent individual. Jupiter's rays have the power to create a philanthropist, but when these rays are perverted, they will result in greed and avarice. Jupiter can bless its recipient with an insight into the deeper meanings of life, especially those acquired through travel and higher education. Nevertheless, if such persons do not have a cohesive or lofty purpose in regard to their studies or travels, Jupiter can contribute to producing wanderers and dilettantes.


»  In the physical body, Jupiter is closely associated with the liver, hip joints, and posterior pituitary gland, as well as cellular nutrition in general.


Jupiter is ruler of Sagittarius and co-ruler of Pisces. It is also closely related to the issues of Houses IX and XII (especially the altruistic and religious aspects of the latter). Jupiter is connected to all activities related to law, religion, higher education, banking and international finance.


Orb: 9th

Average speed: 0º05'

Zodiacal cycle: 12 years

Day of the week: Thursday

Saturno FacesIsabelGuimaraes

Saturn: Limitations/Challenges of Life

THE  Saturn's glyph is composed of the same two elements as Jupiter, however the two parts of the symbol are inverted.


»  Thus, it can be seen that it is through the lessons of Saturn that Man learns how to harmonize his imagination (the semicircle) with the immediate circumstances of his life (the cross). Saturn's rays are related to the Earth. They require the individual to pass through the tests of material existence before being allowed entry into the Soul realm and the resultant exalted state of consciousness.


»  In this sense, Saturn symbolizes the structure of values that lead to evolutionary growth. In view of this, this planet is the "bridge" between the forces of universal consciousness – the extra-Saturnine planets (Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) – and the forces of material existence and the personal Self – the inter-Saturnine planets.


»  The "Lord of the Rings", Saturn, is the last planet visible to the naked eye in the solar system and relates to the "reality shock" of the tangible limits that we impose on us and that life imposes on us. In a way, it is also our “common sense”, which is apparently restrictive, but which leads us to coherently define concrete goals and objectives in life.


»  On a mountain climb, obstacles and resistances are cliffs on the way to the elevation of conscience that highlight our obedience, self-control, congruence and moral convictions. It is the “sheep dog” that has control and maintains order in the system.


»  Saturn is resilience, power of concentration and endurance, responsibility, continuous and determined effort, preparation, severity, austerity, seriousness and discipline, caution and reserve.


»  Saturn has been greatly denigrated due to a misunderstanding of its purpose. He was called the "great malefic" and, like Satan, he became the scapegoat for Man's unregenerate energies. However, Saturn and Satan are just the forms projected by the temptations of the lower self. It is by generating sufficient strength to overcome these temptations, through self-discipline, limiting and redirecting desire, that evolutionary progress occurs.


»  This concentration on polarity - "God" versus "Satan", "good" versus "evil" - only fortifies disharmony. One of Man's tasks is to penetrate a plane of consciousness free from duality, so that he can see unity and harmony in the structure of the Universal Plan. Then you will understand that the apparent dichotomy between the so-called good and evil is just a tool leading to a state of perfect balance, transcending the two poles. It is in this sense that Man needs to perceive the function of Saturn in the chart.


»  In a more pragmatic sense, Saturn forces the fulfillment of obligations and responsibilities so that personal development can take place. Your position in the sign, House and aspect points the way to the necessary lessons, as well as the degree and nature of self-discipline or lack thereof.


»  In the physical body, Saturn rules the skin, knees, teeth and bones, being closely related to the organs of hearing.


Saturn is ruler of Capricorn and co-ruler of Aquarius. It is also associated with the questions of Houses X and XI. It concerns all occupations connected with buildings and architecture, as well as banking, finance, civil servants and supervisory personnel.


Orb: 9th

Average speed: 0º02'

Zodiacal cycle: 28 to 30 years

Day of the week: Saturday

Urano FacesIsabelGuimaraes

Uranus: Instigator of Life

The glyph for Uranus tells us that the planet's vibrations contain the connecting link between the individual Soul (a semicircle) and the collective Soul of Humanity (the other semicircle).


»  The two semicircles are situated on each side of the cross – meaning that the merging of the personal consciousness with that of the great collective leads to development on Earth (the cross), which will assist in the higher evolution of Man (the small circle of Spirit).


»  Uranus is the first planet of another level of consciousness, beyond that which is personal – the transpersonal level. It is the opening to a new order of things that transcends and includes the already known, another dimension of perception of life, beyond the borders of the universe explored by the senses of Saturn. It is intuition, synchronicity, the presence of chance, the accident of the journey, the unusual, the risk to be considered, as a "bridge" or access to what is yet to come, to be discovered, the "insight", the inventiveness , unusual, brilliant, brilliant, differentiated ideas. The crossing to the other wider shore is still to be explored. It is the spirit of freedom of the human condition to go beyond limits.


»  Uranus shows how the individual can free himself from the chains of personality. In this sense, personal enlightenment can be obtained through the conscious incorporation of the being into the awareness of the entity called Man. This connection, after all, leads to an even greater realm of consciousness, and so on, without end.


»  In addition to the principle of intuition, Uranus also functions in an individual's life, pointing the way to particular forms of original self-expression. Especially Uranian people are society's bohemians. Generally speaking, we can see the rays of Uranus, working vigorously among people after World War II, in the so-called New Age. A great majority of the members of this group frankly consider the less conventional forms of individual self-expression to be preferable.


»  Other Uranian manifestations are the growing interest in the occult sciences by the general public, encompassing people of all ages, as well as the vast number of sincere students of these disciplines.


»  We can also enumerate as Uranian the experiences acquired through the collective lifestyle, among the very different communities that have emerged recently, in this and other countries. On a personal level, however, the vibrations of Uranus appear in very few nativities. When this happens, they tend to produce the inventor, artist, technician and occultist who is truly endowed with originality – someone whose contribution stands out above the "remarkable" crowd of the world today. In short, this is when a real superstition is born.


»  In the physical body, Uranus is associated with electrical impulses in the nervous system.


Uranus is the ruler of Aquarius, being intimately connected to the issues of House XI. It is related to all activities involving groups, associations, friendships. Altruism.

Neptuno FacesIsabelGuimaraes

Neptune: Inspiration of Life

The glyph depicts Father Neptune's trident, being composed of the semicircle of the soul, penetrated by the cross of matter, resulting in the three-pronged fork. The teeth represent the physical body and the five senses, the astral or emotional body and its desires, and the lower mental sphere and its egocentric thoughts.


»  Neptune's vibrations allow these three areas to become more sensitive so that the individual can either elevate these spheres of his being to a more refined level or risk being flooded by the underwater backwash of unregenerated energy. In the variation of Neptune's trident, the semicircle is pierced by the rod of life so that the personality is freed from egocentric motivations and can function in cooperation with Spirit (the small circle).


»  In this way, we can see in this glyph the infusion of higher consciousness, which produces the mystical visions (or hallucinations) associated with this planet.


»  Neptune brings us the connection with a sense of belonging to an order even broader than the ethnocentric, the communal, the familiar. It brings the sensitivity that opens the door to charity, compassion, forgiveness, mystical experiences and the transcendental. Special states of being, or altered states of consciousness, of perception that bring revelations, presentiments, premonitions, and sometimes illusions, fantasies, pathologies, fanaticisms, pseudo-realities, parallel realities with access to drugs, drinks, and other forms of addictions.


»  Like Venus, Neptune also works on an emotional level. However, unlike her more personal sister, Neptune loves for the pleasure of love, not for the motives of return (or shared experience), which are a large part of Venus' rays. Neptune teaches that it is through pure and disinterested love that Man is transformed into "Christ". By "Christ" we do not necessarily mean the Lord Jesus, the Christ, nor the Lord Krishna, the Christ, nor the Lord Moses, the Christ, nor the Lord Buddha, the Christ, or any other specific Being with this Title. "Christ" is the name given to the Soul of an individual who has attained the state of Perfection – that is, the highest form that the Force of God can assume, when incarnated in human form.


»  In most cases, Neptune cannot show its highest vibrations in a personal sense. Your influence on the map of most people only sensitizes the area of the map you are located in, depending on the nature of your position. If your location gets out of harmony with other planets, signs or any important points on the natal chart, Neptune's vibration will be reversed, causing unnecessary deception and dissimulation. At its worst, Neptune is the embodiment of fantasies, obsessions and hallucinations. In this sense, it is worth noting that Neptune governs alcohol, tobacco and drugs in general, especially marijuana, LSD and other hallucinogens.


»  When active in its positive polarity, Neptune elevates and sensitizes everything it touches, making it that much more subtle. It inspires musical and artistic creativity while providing additional insight into all aspects of film work.


»  At its greatest height, Neptune produces the true mystics of the world, as well as great clairvoyants, mediums and other individuals in contact with the Masters and Teachers. Neptune rules the pineal gland and the parts of the nervous system that respond to psychic impressions.


Neptune is the ruler of Pisces, being closely linked to the issues of House XII. It is related to all activities involving cinema, dance, drugs, oils, cosmetics and the ocean. It is also associated with smugglers, healers, white and black magicians, psychics and psychiatric workers.

Plutão FacesIsabelGuimaraes

Pluto: the Life Changer

The glyph contains a circle representing the spirit, above a semicircle (mind) and a cross (matter). The creator of this symbol, astrologer Marc Edmund Jones, says it represents "the soul creating spirit out of matter."


»  The symbol expresses the whole concept of the regenerative processes of involution and evolution. The circle of Spirit (during the involution process) emits its rays of life, which are then absorbed by the soul's receptive nature (semi-circle). The rays descend even further until they reach the Earth plane, where they manifest in a particular physical form (the cross).


»  Inversely to the evolutionary process, the experiences of physical life bring about an awakening of consciousness. Such realizations are assimilated into the soul and then transmuted into the ethers of Spirit, where they are integrated. Then they are sent back again, through involution, to re-energize and develop Earth, Nature and Man.


»  Pluto is the most distant and mysterious planet in the solar system. The relationship of its gigantic distance from the Sun with its tiny size leads to the perception of the existence of a powerful gravitational force of attraction that keeps its orbit tied to the Sun. Hence its relationship with the way we deal with our personal power over others, or the power exercised by others over us. It also represents the magical and radical power of transformation and regeneration that we go through or impose on those who go through our lives. It shows how we face the dark and fears of loss, death and rebirth.


»  The processes of involution and evolution are continual ceasing on this planet, as long as all realms of life have not reached the Consciousness Consciousness of their particular form. Until that moment, Man and all other creatures will be born and reborn. In this process, the weak and unnecessary species of life are made stronger and more ideal. In this way, each generation of humanity is an experience in perception, as is each individual. Man can alter his destiny through the direction given to the power he obtains through his perception. If he wants to create mutations and pollutants, it is possible to do so; however, it must bear the weight of these created states, by the return flow of Karma.


»  Mars, the lower octave of Pluto, paves the way for change. However, it is Pluto the force that transforms the atomic structure of life so that the various energetic particles can regroup into their new form. Mars may represent the couple's sexual desire, but it is Pluto's force that unites the sperm and egg during conception to produce the embryo.


»  As with the other two extra-Saturnine planets, Pluto's vibrations are not consciously felt or used by the vast majority of individuals for personal reasons. Its purpose is to provide the energy that breaks down certain psychological blocks that prevent evolutionary growth.


»  For example, Pluto combined with the Moon, in a negative sense, indicates that relationships linked to ethnic roots, to the mother or to women in general, can be traumatic. The combination can also indicate a difficulty in breaking certain fears in the expression and integration of the Self, in a certain social environment.


»  On the other hand, when Pluto acts in a positive sense, it contributes to bringing a regenerating force to the area of the map in which it is located, or to the planets with which it connects. For example, if Pluto is well aspected to Jupiter, it could mean the ability to update or revitalize certain doctrines and philosophies. It can also mean that the person will experience some uplifting or even transcendental events through travel abroad or higher education.


»  Pluto's effects may seem to manifest themselves in sudden explosions, but like a volcano, the eruption forces have been building up potency for a long time, before culminating in a lava flow.


»  In the physical body, Pluto seems to be connected with the regenerative faculties of cells in general and with the processes of Organs reproductive organs.


Pluto is ruler of Scorpio and is closely associated with the issues of House VIII. It is also related to Casa I and Carneiro. Its involvement is with activities linked to all forms of underground work, such as mines, caves and railway systems that run below the ground surface, as well as influencing the activities of spies, detectives and criminal syndicates.

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