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In 2013, I had the privilege of being invited by the former board of Sinarj – Union of Astrologers of Rio de Janeiro, by the voice of Carlos Hollanda, at the 6th International Astrology Symposium, with the theme  "The Third Force - Astrology and its Intersections with Other Knowledge"  in Rio de Janeiro.

The event took place on November 23 and 24, at Hotel Mirador, in Copacabana, and was preceded by a Pre-Symposium on November 22, at Cândido Mendes University of Ipanema, with the participation of Carlos Hollanda, with “Astrologia, the Great Link: The convergence between Magical Thinking and Scientific Thinking", and at the round table, with "Astrology, Symbolism and the Journey of the Soul", together with Carlos Hollanda, Waldemar Falcão, Nei Naiff and Glauccio Costa.

This current Sinarj board is represented by Marcia Mattos (president), Renato Chebar (vice president), Carlos Hollanda (technical director) and Fernanda Santa Roza (communication director), (social director) – José Maria Gomes Neto, (director of RP) – Patricia Messina, (fiscal council) – Celisa Beranger and Maria Eugenia de Castro, were responsible for organizing the 15th National Astrology Symposium, and the 6th International Astrology Symposium in Rio de Janeiro.

I believe I was invited because of the work I have been developing in Portugal, and the topic chosen for the same reason, which led to my experience, as a Portuguese, as a speaker with the theme “Children's Astrology - Children's Secret World”.

With this article, I intend to summarize the content of this presentation. Knowing that Child Astrology is an area still little explored and with little practice, I now share with you the “trigger” that triggered my growing dedication: the moment when a 5-year-old boy asks his mother for an appointment with me in 2010 From this remarkable experience, this year 2013, a project with my colleague, friend, astrologer Luiza Azancot, sowed the seed for the growth of my interest in investigating and researching this aspect of support for child educators. During the course of the project, another one of equal interest and dedication appears, the launch of the book “Tomé Discovers Astrology”, with the crucial support of Inês Miranda, 3rd year astrology student and kindergarten teacher, and Patrícia Almeida, primary teacher and equally 3rd year astrology student, both my students and friends.

Tomé descobre a Astrologia
Tomé descobre a Astrologia

This journey through the world of the little ones began with the launch at Fnac of the GaiaShooping of the ASPAS Project “Astrological Map for Children” last June, where a story was told that aimed to explain to the children present what Astrology is. The enthusiasm and interest shown were the great motivation for the launch of the book “Tomé Discovers Astrology”, at the Florbela Espanca Library, from the publisher SedaPublicações and the illustration by Clara Almeida, with the book's godfather, the presenter of the TV Channel Porto Ricardo Couto Channel

Without this group of people, it would never have been possible to put these projects into practice, which took us across borders and which promise to expand in the coming year. Having said that, I will now focus on a small synthesis of this view on Child Astrology.


In order to study a Child's Astrological Chart, we know that its approach is different from that of an adult, mainly in the use of techniques. So how to help the Country in this journey through Astrology?

In an initial approach, we often know that parents tend to place their expectations on their children, to live through them the lives they did not have, and often to see their children's behavior through their own behavioral patterns. All of this will make it difficult for the child to be accepted as an independent and autonomous being. And, here, I am sure that Astrology HELP. With this first reflection, I turn to the practice in the act of educating, being indisputably necessary coherence and clarity. When exposing my experience as an Astrologer, it will always be to support the educational process. Actually, I can use new words, but the concepts, both in astrology and in education, are very old. Educating continues to be the great proposal and great need of humanity.


Why is Child Astrology no longer used?

What stops us?

Are we afraid of being “witches”?

Do we know little about Child Psychology?


I have presented an example, which was given at a conference by Donna Cunningham, relating to the story of King Oedipus. Not wanting to explain it in detail here (I suggest consulting in several places) I just leave the argument that, if this child's Country had consulted an astrologer, and not the Oracle of Delphi, the prophecy would probably not have come true. The Astrologer would probably guide them, reinforcing that, given the fascination he had for his mother, he would have to be given another type of education, with more rigor, more discipline, proposing various tasks. And, as we would have an energy of confrontation with the Father (in the story murdered by the son) the education provided by this Father should have been more focused on sharing sports, such as playing football or fencing, to start dealing with the confrontation and, over time, set him free.


Of course, in order to educate and get a good job, we must admit that we have to accept the natural characteristics of the child and have extreme consideration for what he is, how he was born and the energies he has, that is, Astrology Helps!

Astrology helps to support education if we know how to understand the veracity of its facts, being:


»  Accept the child as he is, with his own individuality;

»  Stimulate your creativity, your talent, your sensitivity, your courage to use all the baggage you brought to this life;

»  Teach what she doesn't know. Looking at the difficulties of the chart, the third house, finally, the astrological chart reveals what it has to learn. There are certain things the child will have to learn. Living is an art or a science she needs to learn.


The astrological chart must be considered as a treatise and the greatest lesson can be learned from it: LIVE.

To live by this art of orientation, it will be necessary to apply a lot of knowledge for the realization and conception of some methods, skills and expertise. Life can also be lived as a science, as we need certain things, exact knowledge and reasoning.


I considered for my study the age factor as an important element for the assimilation of concepts on the Earth plane, although, for real learning, the human being uses something more sensitive and greater - the soul itself. But, with a degree in Clinical Hypnotherapy from the LCCH (london college of clinical hypnosis), and in Multifocal Psychology from the Universidade do Futuro de Augusto Curry, in addition to training in NLP - Neurolinguistic Programming, by Chunking Up, and Training in Psychosomatics, by Mentel Systems Intelligence I developed a table, based on some theorists, namely Erikson, where I related the ages with the planets.

astrologia crianças

In addition to the position of the planets in the elements and signs, their planetary aspects, astral heredity, and analysis of the parents' maps correlated with the children's maps to see if there are positions that are repeated from one generation to another, are used here in this explanation I used systematic and non-statistical factor comparison methods.

Of course, the explanation becomes a means of education, where the entire method is valid, but the educational process must be continuous, determined and aimed entirely at the student. The effects of this education are felt, as the will of it shows itself, and even so, the results are only achieved in the long term. We need patience, persistence, courage, time and knowledge to work education.


The axis of the astrological chart, in relation to the 4th and 10th houses, as it represents the mother, the father and, consequently, the children, constituting the family. Therefore, formally, the family is people of the same blood, living in common or not.

It is in the family environment, house 4 of the child's chart, that one observes how the great process of evolution begins, just as it makes it evolve. Here the group participant in the performance of their real functions and the true role in the formidable set, family, gives us the notion of the first relationships between people.

The child, the reason for the determination of this research, as a dynamic link in the family-set and its relationships, is what will serve as a parameter for studying the relationship, affection and love between men. There is a single and tenuous moment, on planet Earth, in which each being has the opportunity to live to evolve, loving, understanding and living well with their fellow men.


Within the axis of the astrological chart the child grows and, here, we study the different stages of human evolution, in four phases and the correspondences with the axes of the astrological chart, as follows:

»  1st phase - service - houses 6 and 12

»  2nd phase - love - houses 5 and 11

»  3rd phase - protection - houses 4 and 10

»  4th phase - teaching - houses 3 and 9

Next, we analyze the planets and, here, the instinct guided by each one of them will have an emphasis on the astrological house and sign where it is placed, like this:


» MOON  primary needs, natural emotions, Mother, instinct, the nature of feelings, the unconscious

" SUN  individuality, willpower, vitality, Father, the conscious

» MERCURY  connections, humor, siblings, learning, logic

" VENUS  Artistic, values, sense in love, sharing

» MARS  competition, driving, anger

At  MOON  we look at the Mother, at the thought patterns, at the child's level of instinct. The figures of nutrition and the demonstration of the child's emotions.

Like  SOL, we see the psychological profile as individuality or even the child's ego, but also the true power and the first relationship. We look to the Father and see the child's vitality.

the side of  MERCURY  they are the 5 senses, the analytical part, the way you create your sense of humor, and the relationship with communication.

Like  VENUS, how children express themselves in the purest way, their artistic expressions, but also love, what makes them feel, what they consider beautiful and beautiful. The child's relationship with his friends.

With  MARS, the physical side, the way you share that physical side, competitions, the side that leads your actions, the rebellious side and anger (seen more in the sense of competition).

Social Planets - most significant age 6-12 years


» JUPITER   |  trust, generosity, optimism, hope

" SATURN  |   discipline, focus, tests, limitations, rules, punishment, stability of


In the analysis of Social Planets, we see  JUPITER, like opening up possibilities, generosity, optimism, hope, and the role of teachers.

With  SATURNO, we created discipline, focus, tests, limitations, such as punishments in the form of education, so that children know that there are limits, rules that come from teachers, parents, grandparents.

These energies are activated with the social, in contact with others. But of course we also use transpersonal ones...

Between the ages of 6 and 12, we find the 1st square of Saturn – encounter with restriction – the falling out of teeth.

The 1st opposition of Jupiter Natal – everything is “a bed of roses”.

Transpersonal Planets

Generational Effects Planets are more important in their placement on the child's chart in relation to the angles and aspects they make to personal planets.

With URANO, we see individuality, the manifestation of rebellion, talents and inconstancy.

In NEPTUNE, we check the passions. Of course, this whole vision is analyzed at a psychological level and, with Neptune, we also see the side of victimization.

PLUTO helps you see obsessions, power and curiosity.


Some examples were placed, leaving only one of them here:


The child cried a lot and the Mother did not sleep. Panic and consult the Astrologer.

Through the analysis of emotional development it is suggested:

Mother wanted her daughter to attend Montessori school, a free education system


The Moon in Aquarius - need for independence

Mars in Aries - autonomy

Mercury in Capricorn – age 7 years (Mercury)


Resolution: A understood Mercury in Capricorn as a necessity for structured learning impossible in the Montessori school's free-form education system. At the same time, he explained to the Mother the need for independence and autonomy in other contexts (home and sport).

The mother chose to transfer her daughter to a traditional school, allowing her to develop her potential in an environment suited to her individual needs. He was allowed to choose the sport he wanted and have great autonomy over his free time.

In this way, the astrological consultant, focusing only on the problem exposed by the Mother, helped to find a solution to the internal conflicts that were being experienced by the child.


retrograde planets

Although I do not consider it opportune to go deeper into the subject, I believe it is important to emphasize the importance of analyzing the degrees where they occur, as well as the moment when they become direct or retrograde.

In addition to the above:

»  Some practical examples were exposed in which the Astrologer's intervention was diagnostic, practical, without major analyses.

   Helped and solved the problem

   It helped the child to develop as he or she is

So, here is a small explanation of what directs me to an ever deeper study, and to greater research, leading it, in this next year, to its deepening and the creation of a group of astrologers for the expansion of research in this area.


I write and dedicate myself to Child Astrology, because we need to alert parents and educators about the great need to get to know our children, students or any child on this planet Earth, more deeply, to live with them to guide them in discovering the capacity to be happy , from childhood to other stages of life.

With the experience I've had, with the trip I've been taking with Tomé, I see how much children like astrology, how much they already know about its signs, and how much they admire the stars. We need to make our child know what is in front of him, the sky that guides us with its stars and its movement around the Earth.


Believing that there is a heaven under which we live is fundamental, albeit elementary. Learning to appreciate simple things, nature, is also educational and perhaps together, parents, teachers, pediatricians and children, we can see that it is in simplicity that we find the deepest messages.


I would like to take this opportunity to make a suggestion, which I consider to be of greater importance, in addition to the assessment processes used in schools around the world, which include the study of the astrological chart of all children. Parents and teachers will approve of the novelty since the value of the astrological chart as a specific indicator of aptitude, talent, will, feelings and so many other riches of information about an individual's inner processes is already known to most of the public, regardless of the your age range.

It is each one, in its own time, evolving, walking and growing for a more united world.

After all, the simple index finger of a child can no longer be horizontal, with the touch of iphones, ipads, and also become vertical, pointing to the sky...


By Isabel Guimarães | President of ASPAS

Article published in  Astrological Journal 4 Seasons nº 7and

on the ISAR website 

Investigation of Faces Isabel Guimaraes 2017/18

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