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How to Make Astrological Predictions

How to Make Astrological Predictions

SKU: 011/2018

How to Make Astrological Predictions by Isabel Guimarães, is her 5th astrology book where she intends to demystify and at the same time teach how through Astrology we can prevent, help and guide us to live the cycles in order to take advantage of the opportunities that arise and to know how to deal with the challenges. A book that takes us to the world of techniques of countless names from the ancestry of Astrology and helps the student, the Astrologer himself and the curious reader to understand how we make Astrological predictions.

How to Make Astrological Predictions 
Chapter 1
Description of the Natural Zodiac Stage, Setting and Actor
Chapter 2
Astrological Predictions:
What do they mean and where do they come from
Chapter 3
Fundamentals of Astrological Predictions
Chapter 4
How to use Secondary Progressions and Solar Arc?
Chapter 5
Practical examples:
Salvador Sobral, Manoel de Oliveira, Paula Rego, Amália
Rodrigues, António Teixeira Lopes 

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