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"Signs - The way to happiness"

"Signs - The way to happiness"


"Aries is brave, Taurus believes in eternal love and Leo is exuberant. They're all good qualities, no doubt, but there's also the flip side – Aries loves a good argument, Taurus tends to be overly attached and Leo rarely accepts losing a conflict. Can you see yourself in this astrological “identity card”? We have no doubt that you do. a career and having a healthier life? Or just in everyday life, to understand why you have so much difficulty in dealing with criticism, jealousy or a serious relationship. Isabel Guimarães, president of the Portuguese Association of Astrology, has a news for you: astrology can help you with all of this and more.You just need to know the rules of the game.A true guide for those who know little or nothing about astrology, this book will take you on a journey into the most intimate of the world. your being. With simple and relaxed language, the The author shows you what your sun sign says about you, of course, but also the ascendant, the planets and the Moon. With the help of your smartphone or computer, you'll be able to make and interpret your own birth chart on your own. In the end, there will be no doubts: at this moment, you have in your possession the necessary tools for a happier life"

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