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No M-annual for Life

No M-annual for Life

SKU: 006-19

"We were all born without a manual for life, without an instruction guide, this book is linked to a proposal to the reader in an annual journey in the way of living, just to BE.The idea of exposing some experiences, lead the reader to guide the reader through conscious action based on their various states of mind. A path with signs indicating a meaning, which the reader may or may not follow, in which they can even remember that book they read, by identifying a phrase, a meaning, a A documentary you watched, or even a course, lecture or even a simple conversation with someone. If we pay attention to our thoughts, which generate words, this action leads us to a greater involvement in feeling and to a lesser extent in intellectuality. In this book I only report my vision in the form of sharing, and if you are reading it at this time, it is because it will help you to find yourself in some way, to be alert to your thoughts in a tune that will lead to your inner growth. N an acceptance of cause/effect and reclaiming your inner power. You will be able to understand that it is not your story, but without discovering it and rereading it, you cannot be reborn. It was like that with me..."

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