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Signs Points of Light

Signs Points of Light

SKU: 012/2018

In Stock: Taurus | Gemini | Crab | Lion | Virgo | Scale | Scorpio | Capricorn | Aquarium

The Signs limited collection  Points of Light, was studied and developed thinking of each person. Silver is a noble metal widely used in jewelry, it is recognized for its energetic characteristics of healing and transmitting well-being. Stones are also related to signs in terms of symbology and energetically.

Silver jewelry as a source of healing and physical, mental and spiritual well-being, is already known by the most ancient peoples who already used amulets and jewelry as a way to get luck, cure and protection.


The Signos Points of Light collection was inspired by jewelry:

EGYPTIAN, charged with mysticism and symbolism.

ETRUSCA AND GONDOMARENSE, with filigree techniques (consists of a spatial selection of the material used aiming at different densities and consequently, forms of light transmission). Filigree is an exclusively manual art, requiring a very patient, imaginative and highly dexterous work. This technique is a very meticulous art which Albasan de Sandrina Barbosa was delighted to apply in this collection. 


NOTE: The collection of Signos Points of Light are unique and exclusive to Faces by Isabel Guimarães, with pieces by Albasan by Sandrina Barbosa, a brand of responsibility and contrast by the INCM. Handmade pieces.

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