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"Thomas Discovers Astrology"-paper format

"Thomas Discovers Astrology"-paper format


Ricardo Couto, presenter of Porto Canal, godfather of this book in 2013 at the Florbela Espanca Municipal Library, shared with the author, more than 100 children, his passion for the skies and his desire to discover astrology. Tomé begins his adventure, heading to Brazil, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, making the children's delights. Tomé also received the affection of everyone who participated in Children's Day in 2013 at Fnac, and his godmothers, Inês Miranda and Patrícia Almeida, who boosted Tomé's vision through his fascination with astrology and his illustrator Clara de Almeida.
In this new year of 2019, Thomas returns to take the children on his adventure in the world of Astrology!

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Thanks to all readers who purchased the 1st edition, which sold out in 2 months, without you, Tome would not be able to return!
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